Super Slime AKA Flubber

This just may have been my best batch of Flubber yet!

Flubber 2

Flubber is a great sensory material for kids!  For me it has always been a hit or miss when making it.  Sometime it comes out perfect, other times it is just a hard flaky ball.  I think I finally figured out the secret. when pouring in the borax mixture (recipe below, step 4) you must not only add very slowly, but pick up the ball that is forming and add mixture only to the liquid that is left NOT the already formed ball!  Try a batch today and let me know if you have any questions!

Flubber Recipe:
1. Mix 2 cups water and 1 cup glue in a big bowl.
2. Add a squirt of liquid water color and then stir it up.
3. In a separate small bowl mix together: 2 cups water and 4 TBS Borax.
4.  After it’s completely dissolved, pour the Borax mixture slowly and a little at a time into the glue and water mixture. Pour a little, mix it a little, pour a little, mix a little. Mix with your hands or a sturdy wooden spoon. As you mix, it will become a flubber ball!
NOTE: You might NOT need to use all of this Borax and water solution!!!!!

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